I Rebuild Motorbike Carburetors

Something about me. I live in Sydney Australia and am a Automotive Mechanic (40 years + experience) that has started semi retirement. Bringing back these older carburetors back into use is something I enjoy doing, and I have been evolving the way I rebuild motorcycle carburetors for some time and am always looking at ways of improving the processes and finished products.

I use a Elma dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner along with an upgraded bead blaster which has variable PSI control for the more fragile items. I have a large stock of different fasteners making replacing old ones a no brainer. While having carburetors looking nice aesthetically on the outside is part of what I do, my focus is more on what is done on the inside so that they function correctly.

As I am a one man show I do all of the process including the plating , I do not rush or hurry to finish a set of carburetors, they are finished when I am good and ready. I replace and repair all things that I decide need doing, and for that reason I do not offer a carburetor service to people as they either want things done cheaply and quickly, which only leads to problems. This comes from previous experience.

I encourage any questions or further information needed on what I have or do just send me a message via my contact page.